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Pool Will Open May 23, 2024

Located at 1525 Raintree Parkway

The pool is one of our neighborhood's greatest assets. We take great pride in our pool and do our best to maintain it so that we all can enjoy for years to come.

If you need help with the pool please contact Sentry at or 615.269.7016

If you have comments for the Pool Committee email


Sunday - Thursday from 9 AM - 9 PM

Friday - Saturday from 9 AM - 10 PM

Please use your pool fob to access the pool through the locked gate. Please keep the gate locked behind you. Please familiarize yourself with all the rules.


Pool season will come to an end in late September/early October. At that time your pool fob will no longer work until the facility is opened again the next summer. 

If you need a new fob, please email There is a cost for replacement fobs.

Pool Rules



  1. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.

  2. Guests must be accompanied by a resident of Raintree Forest.

  3. Young adults (under 18) are limited to two (2) guests at a time.

  4. NO diving, running, pushing or rough play.

  5. NO shooting water guns outside of the pool or at unwilling swimmers.

  6. NO moving furniture around, making forts or jumping on furniture.

  7. NO glass of any kind allowed in the pool complex area.

  8. NO smoking (or vaping) in pool deck area or bathrooms.

  9. NO pets in the pool complex area.

  10. NO abusive language or profanity will be tolerated.

  11. NO gum

  12. NO water balloons.

  13. NO playing with the hose or any other pool maintenance related apparatus.

  14. Toddlers must wear Swim Diapers.  Disposable diapers are not allowed in pool, and babies are not allowed to swim naked.

  15. Music must be kept at a low level.

  16. Pool toys are allowed, but no traditional footballs or water absorbent toys which may hurt a bystander when thrown are allowed.

  17. Approved rafts and toys allowed only when less than 20 people are in the pool.  

  18. Toys are not to be stored in pool area

  19. Food must be consumed only in the cabana area or at the tables provided. No food is allowed in the pool or at the pool’s edge.  Beverages are allowed at pool edge “ in hand”.  No coolers at edge of pool. Coolers are to be left at table area. No beverages allowed in the pool and should be kept away from the edge. 

  20. NO BBQ grills allowed in the pool area or around the outside perimeter. 

  21. NO organized swim lessons at the pool.

  22. More than eight (8) guests per resident are considered a “private party," which require priors arrangements with the Pool Committee. 

  23. Cabana parties are limited to 20 people max.

  24. All homeowners and guests are required to lower umbrellas and clean up their trash before departing. There are brooms & paper towels for your convenience.

  25. No one is to open the pool gate for anyone who does not have a fob or has a fob that has been suspended.


Use of the pool is a privilege of all Homeowners. Those who violate these rules may have their privileges revoked.


After the pool is closed there should be no loitering in the pool parking lot area. Unauthorized vehicles observed in the parking lot after hours are subject to be towed.

Cabana Reservations

Tennis Courts

Located at 1525 Raintree Parkway

Tennis lessons are permitted for Raintree Forest residents only. For a list of approved Tennis instructors, email  



Located at 1501 Raintree Parkway

The Raintree Forest clubhouse is available to book for private events and includes a kitchen, two bathrooms, and approximately 800 square feet of space on the inside. The parking lot and surrounding green space are often utilized for outdoor events. The usage fee for the clubhouse is $50 along with a $150 security deposit. Email the Clubhouse Rental Form to if you are interested in renting the clubhouse or have additional questions.

The Clubhouse Rental Form can be found on the "Residents" page.  

Community Events

Each year, the Raintree Forest Board hosts community events. The event committee is always gauging community interest when creating the event schedule, so check community newsletters for more information. If you enjoy event planning and would like to join the planning committee, please email

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