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Yard of the Month

Well-maintained yards enrich the beauty, desirability, and property values of all homes in Raintree Forest. Yard of the month winners are selected during the months of May, June, July, August and September by a committee of homeowners who live in Raintree Forest. Winners receive the Yard of the Month lawn sign during that month. Any property in Raintree can win only once each calendar year. Nominations for your or a neighbor’s yard can be sent to

2023 Yard of the Month Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Raintree Forest Yard of the Month winners. Well done!

May - Maggie Garzon, Raven Hollow

May - William and Dorothy Mahler, Deervale Court

June - Guatam & Sujata Biswas, Timber Ridge Drive

June - Teresa Sadler, Woodward Court  

July - Darin and Mew Frye, Timber Ridge Court 

July - Martin Kerrigan, Raven Hollow Road

August - Jeff and Leah Schmidt, Foothills Court

August - Emerson and Diane Fawkes, Lost Hollow Court

September - Gary and Lynda Young, Foothills Drive

September - Barton and Allyson Huddleston, Elmhurst Court

2022 Yard of the Month Winners

May - Chris Oliver, Raven Hollow

May - Chris and Callie Westerfield, Timber Ridge

June - Anne Anderson, Foothills Drive

June - Richard and Melissa Begin, Fawn Creek Rd.

July - Maria Wolfe, Raven Hollow Rd.

July - John and Jan Harbor, Lost Hollow Dr.

August - Maura Feaheny, Foothills Dr.

August - Juan and Juana Moreno, Fawn Creek Rd

September - Leon and Pat Olenick, Wesley Court

September - Keith and Sheila Caruso, Elmhurst Court

2021 Yard of the Month Winners

May - Bill and Susan Able - Lost Hollow Court
June - David and Mary Beth Litchfield - Timber Ridge Ct.
July - Paula Stokes - Raven Hollow
August - Chris and Jennifer Wilson - Silverdale Court
August - Ted and Terry Faust - Lost Hollow Circle
September - William and Kristy Brown - Foothills Drive
September - Andy and Helena Hess - Timber Ridge Drive

2020 Yard of the Month Winners

May - Ron and Charlene Graner - Raven Hollow
June - Scott and Leigh Ann Underwood - Foothills Drive
July - Most Improved Yard - Chris and Callie Westerfield - Timber Ridge
July - Most Improved Honorable Mention - Gary and Karen Glass - Foothills Drive
July - Most Improved Honorable Mention - Chad and Amber Appleton - Raven Hollow
July - Most Improved Honorable Mention - Justin and Helen Williams - Timber Ridge
August - Paul and Pam England - Elmhurst Court
September - Drew and Sally Cressman - Timber Ridge

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